Beyond Fiscally Fit Benefits

Online Health Manager

Take better care of yourself with our tools and resources that track improvement. Your life is meant to be enjoyed - start now with this total health approach.

Online Fitness Center

The Online Fitness Center, in partnership with Leanness Lifestyle University, is an established leader in online lifestyle education for permanent weight management

Online Physicians

24/7 access to board-certified experts. Say goodbye to regular office hours. Ask your questions now and get answers right away!

Tax Hotline

Tax laws are becoming increasingly complicated and you have important questions about changes in government regulations, capital gains, credits. and deductions. Where can you turn? Turn to your BFF for the comprehensive business and personal tax benefits you and your small business need.

Financial Counseling

In our 20 years of experience, we've offered professional and objective financial counseling and coaching. We found that education, dedication, and working toward a goal have proven an effective defense to uncertain financial times.