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We all wear different shoes in our life.
Let us help make both a little better.
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Stay Fit Physically and Fiscally

Move both facets of your life beyond average.

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Physical Wellness

  • Online Health Manager

    Keep personal records, assess your status and risks in a secure cloud-based system.

  • Online Physicians

    Powered by eMed On Call for convenient, no-copy access to licensed, U.S.-based physicians.

  • Online Fitness Center

    Powered by Leanness Lifestyle University to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve weight loss goals.

Fiscal Wellness

  • Tax Hotline

    Unlimited advice and free or discounted tax-preparation services.

  • Financial Counseling

    Get advice and planning help dealing with debt, budgeting, taxes, savings, retirement and more

A Beyond Fiscally Fit membership includes many benefits designed to give you peace of mind while saving you time and money.

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“I came down with something right before a holiday weekend. By Monday I knew I needed antibiotics. I scheduled my diagnostic appointment and got a call in just over and hour from a from Dr. Garcia. I was prescribed an antibiotic that she called in to my pharmacy and was taking my first dose in the parking lot about an hour and a half later. Quick, no waiting rooms and only co-pay was for the prescription!”

Richard M.
Jacksonville, FL

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