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The Online Fitness Center (OFC), in partnership with Leanness Lifestyle University, is an established leader in online lifestyle education for permanent weight management.

Utilizing progressive, on-going, six-week, step-by-step, wellness-education modules, OFC offers the most comprehensive and effective weight-management program available. Student-members (students) can lose up to 10 pounds their first week, up to 10% of their start weight in six weeks, and up to 89 pounds in just 18 weeks while learning the real strategies of keeping it off for life.

Leanness Lifestyle University was founded in 1999 by author and Certified Wellness Coach, David Greenwalt. Whether a classic Fortune 500 executive, Academy Award winner, doctor, nurse, CPA, attorney, teacher, pilot, or the “executive” in their own household David has helped educate industry leaders worldwide for over 20 years.

Entirely online, the OFC program educates students beyond “calories in and calories out” and teaches them what they need to gain control over their nutrition, activity and lifestyle behaviors to lose the weight one more time—for the last time.

OFC delivers a program that approaches students with respect. There are two guiding principles David Greenwalt lives by as he’s refined the program since 1999:

Coach & Mentoring Support

The OFC program provides students with access to Wellness Coaches and graduate mentors (those who have graduated the program, lost their weight and have kept it off for years) for accountability and answers to questions specific to each participant. Students can ask any nutrition-, exercise- or fitness-related question and expect a personal, qualified response within one business day.

Fun Effective Tools & Apps

As an OFC member, you’ll stay on track and motivated with text support services:

As an OFC member you’ll have access to the very best audio for any cardio workout ever created. Our Cardio Coach, Sean O’Malley, will guide you through any cardio-based workout you like using any equipment. You will be motivated to stick with it as the time flies by!

You’ll also have access, through the online campus, to audio-guided strength training from the founder, David Greenwalt, as well as tools for creating safe and effective strength-training routines utilizing any equipment or even just your own body as the equipment.

Start Eating and Moving Better Right Away

To get you started, you’ll receive a FREE body-transformation textbook written by David, “The Leanness Lifestyle,” as a Nutrition and Exercise Quick Start.

How Does The Program Work?

There is nothing to download, no software to buy and it’s 100% compatible with phones, tablets and desktops. No travel, in-person meetings, special foods, supplements, or diet pills are required.

Delivered in six-week modules, week one begins as an orientation to make sure the student gets familiar with the online campus, completes initial lessons and gets their first, personal communication from a Coach. The next five weeks continue the education, accountability and support with a focus on losing excess weight and unwanted fat.

Each subsequent six-week module begins with a transition week and then five more focused weeks of continued education, accountability and support for either maintenance of weight lost or additional loss of unwanted fat.

Progressive lessons on a nutritionally-fit, actively-fit, and (the component missing from most programs) emotionally-fit lifestyle keep students engaged and hitting weight goals they’ve set with coaching input.

The OFC program isn’t a diet. And unlike the so-common 4-week, 8-week and 90-day diets, the OFC program is ongoing. Every six weeks a new module begins. The first week of each module is the transition week and the next five are active engagement weeks. Why? The research and evidence is clear.

Without ongoing education, accountability and support, for several years, the formerly obese or overweight who have lost substantial weight have less than a 20% chance of maintaining the loss. Successful students are encouraged to keep the program and team in place that were integral to them getting to their goal until they have maintained their goal weight for at least four years.

Services are not available in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont and Utah.

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