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Online Health Manager

Our tools and resources will help you identify and target risk areas, take action and track improvement. Your life is meant to be enjoyed—start now with this total health approach.

Wish your life came with a how-to guide? Losing sleep over angsty adolescents? The work world got you down? Ready to take better care of yourself but not sure how? Let’s face it; you’ve got a lot to manage. But how well do you deal with the day-to-day? Find out with our Online Health Manager. Assess what areas of your life negatively and positively affect your health.

Identify Your Total Health Score

Begin your quest for a healthier life with a detailed picture of your overall health. Our Health Risk Manager (HRM), Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and individual Total Health Profile (THP) highlight a comprehensive range of personal health risk factors. Its detailed, 16-page report includes your personal Total Health Score and results and recommendations in six key health categories including cancer risk, heart health, nutrition, fitness, and stress and safety awareness. Additionally, you have the ability to track your progress towards healthy living by periodically retaking the HRM and producing the Historical Comparison Report, which will compare your Total Health Score and HRM results over different time periods.

The HRM utilizes proprietary algorithms that were created based on data from a significant number of scientific studies. They are specifically designed to calculate your overall health and well-being by assigning values to identifiable factors that may influence your health. These algorithms are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest research. Your Total Health Score is only a starting place. Once you’ve identified your risk factors, Online Health Manager can help you make the changes with unlimited access to a variety of tools.

Additional Assessments

What are your eating behaviors? How do you manage stress? Are you at risk for cancer, diabetes or a stroke? Are you addicted to your work? With over 40 additional lifestyle, work style, behavioral health and disease-specific assessments, Online Health Manager helps you evaluate all the areas that make up your life. Complete as many questionnaires as you want at your own pace. Online Health Manager will automatically store your results for easy reference.

Each assessment generates a personal report with recommendations. These recommendations are practical steps you can take to improve your health and lower your risk right now. All assessments use the most up-to-date medical standards and are administered securely and confidentially to protect your privacy.

Available Assessments and More:

Health Information Library

Beyond Fiscally Fit is committed to further equip you to help implement healthy lifestyle changes. Follow up on areas of concern or questions that your health assessments raise by exploring thousands of health topics through Beyond Fiscally Fit’s Health Information Library and Nurse Hotline. Or seek the counsel of a medical expert by following up with one of our online physicians, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians and fitness trainers.


Keep your family safe on all occasions with holiday cooking tips, a trick-or-treating safety guide, fire prevention, driving safety and more. This community-oriented collection of newsletter summaries and excerpts has something for everyone.

Multimedia Center

Tackle a personal health problem or concern by accessing our robust, multimedia center library with hundreds of helpful videos to gain advice on a variety of health and medical related topics.


Get your questions answered with an available library of over 1,000 tip-filled articles on nutrition, parenting, medication, diseases and more. Your health is your greatest asset, so it’s important to stay informed. Use our search function or simply browse for topics that matter to you and your family.

My Trackers

It takes 30 days to develop a habit, so start now and stay consistent with Online Health Manager’s tracking tools. Our tracking tools will help you chart current behaviors and keep track of your progress toward set goals. Monitor your eating habits, exercise, or customize your own tracking tool. View your reports at any time for an update on your progress.

My Calendar

Keep a personal and confidential daily journal of your life events and moods to help pinpoint problems and patterns that may affect your health. Identify changes in behavior such as decreased caffeine consumption or increased exercise. Track how new and old habits affect your moods. The color-coded mood calendar helps you spot trends before they impact you negatively. It’s easy to use and with just a few clicks a day, you can receive the additional support that you need.

Services are not available in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont and Utah.

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